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  • DogHorn Campaign Donation

    £1.00£100.00 inc VAT

  • DogHorn Lanyard/Whistle ONE Pack

    £5.00 inc VAT

    The DogHorn Lanyard is our Number 1 product on the Top Ten Anti Dog Theft products Lanyards are specially designed to have three weak points to prevent the lanyard being used to pull forward or strangle the wearer, yet are strong enough to cope with normal dog walking activities Be…

  • 50 x A5 DogHorn Poster

    £5.00 inc VAT

    50 x A5 DogHorn Poster on 250 gsm heavy weight paper.

  • 100 x DogHorn Group Business Cards

    £5.00 inc VAT

    Business sized cards advertising DogHorn Group purpose and links within the DogHorn.UK Website.

    Whistle and lanyard are only for illustrative purposes and are not included.

    Price includes postage to UK addresses.

  • Pack of 25 Outdoor DogHorn Signs

    £5.00 inc VAT

    We now have 250gsm plastic outdoor mini signs/posters that will save you having to make your own 4″ square laminated ones.  They are similar thickness to a4 laminated paper so are flexible. Use them for anywhere outdoors that you have permission.  Fences and trees,  ideally where there is something to staple…

  • Keychain Alarm

    £7.99 inc VAT
    • Keychain alarm
    • Unobtrusive
    • Good for driving / shopping
    • 143db sounder
    • Mini torch


  • group of single belt pouches

    Belt Pouch for DogHorn Sprays

    £8.99 inc VAT

    A belt pouch suitable for carrying any DogHorn Spray

    Price is for a single pouch, contents not included.

  • Self Defence Spray (Red Alert)

    £9.99 inc VAT
    • A red marker spray that stays on skin and clothes
    • Non toxic, oil based, safe for humans and dogs
    • Spray up to 3m
    • Our Number 3 Product Category on the Top Ten Anti Dog Theft Products
    • “Red Alert” contains an oil based red dye, foul smell (similar to garlic), a UV content and has a lockable cap.
    • If you are worried about the legality of this spray, its safe. For the Police response to using self defence sprays see the product details below
  • 143db Personal Alarm and Strobe

    £9.99 inc VAT
    • Police Recommended Specification
    • Very loud 143db High Pitch Warbling Siren
    • Lasts up to 12 hours (PP3 Battery included)
    • Torch/Strobe Function
    • Strobe to attract attention at night
    • LED Light / torch
    • Activate with single handed pull on ripcord
    • Our Number 2 product of The Top Ten Anti Dog Theft products
  • Red Dog Spray (Farb-Gel)

    £9.99 inc VAT


    • Handheld,  red marker spray
    • Legal to purchase in the UK
    • Non toxic, water based, safe for humans and dogs
    • Spray up to 4m
    • Our Number 3 Product Category on the Top Ten Anti Dog Theft Products
    • “Farbgel” contains a water based red marker dye, no foul smell, and has a protected cap.
    • Note that the primary reason we recommended for carrying one of these sprays is to mark your dog in the events leading up to a suspected attack/theft and making it undesirable to a thief. Beyond that it would be considered SELF DEFENCE  if used as REASONABLE FORCE against a person to prevent yourself getting hurt,  similar to carrying a heavy torch.  Any other use against a person could be construed as a personal attack.
    • For the Police Response to self defence sprays, read the product details below
  • Lanyard Alarm

    £9.99 inc VAT
    • 143db sounder
    • Pull cord to activate
    • Visible Deterrent
    • Torch
    • (Lanyard / Card not included)
  • Anti-Aggressive Dog Spray

    £16.50 inc VAT
    • A highly effective spray to deter aggressive dogs
    • UK legal
    • Instantly subdues aggressive dogs, but does not harm them
    • Contains food grade essential oils that creates a spray around a dogs muzzle
    • Effects wear off after 10 to 20 minutes
    • NOT a pepper spray (which is not legal in UK)
  • DogHorn High Viz Multi Pocket Vest

    £19.95 inc VAT

    Zipper, multi pocket vest only (Lanyard / handheld products not included)

    Sizes: XS 41″, S 43″, M47″, L 50″, XL 54″, 2XL 56″

    Please measure yourself!! Size is measured as the largest measurement around your body (Chest / Waist / Hips) and over the clothes you will wear underneath the vest.

    High Viz needs to be a little loose rather than tight.

    Please order in measured inches rather than your typical size (ie S, M, L etc).

    Our suppliers’ S, M, L etc categories vary in actual size, so we will ensure that you receive a vest size measured in the inches that you have chosen but not necessarily the “size” (e.g. S, M, L, etc). You will not receive a garment smaller than the size in inches that you have selected.


  • DogHorn Five Pack – Save 10%

    £22.50 inc VAT

    This product contains Five Doghorn Lanyard packs, at a 10% discount.  It is less handling for us so we can pass the saving on to you. The DogHorn Lanyard is our Number 1 product on the Top Ten Anti Dog Theft products Lanyards are specially designed to have three weak…

  • Sale!

    Walkies Pack

    £32.00 £25.00 inc VAT

    IMG_0004 2 Everything for your and your walk buddy to be prepared AND tell others about it. 2 x DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Packs 1 x Police Recommended Minder Alarm 1 x UK Legal Defense Spray 3 x outdoor DogHorn posters 3 x A5 DogHorn Posters 10 x DogHorn Posters advertising…

  • DogHorn High Viz Jacket

    £29.99 inc VAT
    • High Viz Jacket
    • Ideal, Easy Access Pocket for holding Red Spray and Personal Attack Alarm
    • Separate Pocket for Poo Bags / Treats
    • Inner pockets for phone, keys etc
    • Large DogHorn Logo Back and Front
  • DogSteel Anti Theft Leash by DogHorn

    £39.95 inc VAT

    The DogSteel Leash by DogHorn


    An uncuttable, unreleasable dog leash and collar that will fit any dog above 4kg in weight.

    Read below for more details.

    After placing your order, please state your dog neck measurement in cm in “Delivery Instructions” when you checkout and we will modify the collar to suit, and add the capacity for growth of your dog is still growing (and you tell us).

  • DogHorn Campaign/Group Starter Pack

    £99.00 inc VAT

    For help and information on how to start a DogHorn Group then click here 20 x DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign Packs (inc whistle, lanyard, instructions and leaflet) 1 x Premium steel DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign Packs (inc steel whistle & lanyard,) 1 x Red Dye Spray 1 x Personal Alarm/Strobe…

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    DogHorn 50 Yellow Lanyard Enterprise Pack

    £180.00 inc VAT

    Anyone can purchase this pack. The pack includes: 50 x lanyard (Printed DogHorn Campaign) 50 x black whistle 50 x A5 plastic bags 50 x ID Waterproof Wallets 50 x Mini  Posters 50 x A4 printed pack inserts, double sided 50 x PAWS DogHorn Business Cards The purchaser will need…

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    Protected: DogHorn 100 Yellow Lanyard Enterprise Pack (50/50 deal)

    £189.00 inc VAT

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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    DogHorn 100 Yellow Lanyard Enterprise Pack

    £340.00 inc VAT

    Anyone can purchase this pack. The pack includes: 100 x lanyard (Printed DogHorn Campaign) 100 x black whistle 100 x A5 plastic bags 100 x ID Waterproof Wallets 100 x  Posters (6 per A4 Sheet Laminated OR A5 posters) 100 x A4 printed pack inserts, double sided 100 x PAWS…

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    All DogHorn Products Business Pack

    £399.00 inc VAT

    A pack for groups / shops / outlets that includes volumes of everything we sell plus a 15% discount. 10 x DogHorn Yellow Lanyards Campaign Packs 5 x Minder Strobe Alarms 5 x Lanyard Alarms 5 x Keychain Alarms 5 x Red Alert Spray (With Odour) 5 x Farbgel Self…