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  • Keychain Alarm

    £7.99 inc VAT
    • Keychain alarm
    • Unobtrusive
    • Good for driving / shopping
    • 143db sounder
    • Mini torch


  • group of single belt pouches

    Belt Pouch for DogHorn Sprays

    £8.99 inc VAT

    A belt pouch suitable for carrying any DogHorn Spray

    Price is for a single pouch, contents not included.

  • Self Defence Spray (Red Alert)

    £9.99 inc VAT
    • A red marker spray that stays on skin and clothes
    • Non toxic, oil based, safe for humans and dogs
    • Spray up to 3m
    • Our Number 3 Product Category on the Top Ten Anti Dog Theft Products
    • “Red Alert” contains an oil based red dye, foul smell (similar to garlic), a UV content and has a lockable cap.
    • If you are worried about the legality of this spray, its safe. For the Police response to using self defence sprays see the product details below
  • Red Dog Spray (Farb-Gel)

    £9.99 inc VAT


    • Handheld,  red marker spray
    • Legal to purchase in the UK
    • Non toxic, water based, safe for humans and dogs
    • Spray up to 4m
    • Our Number 3 Product Category on the Top Ten Anti Dog Theft Products
    • “Farbgel” contains a water based red marker dye, no foul smell, and has a protected cap.
    • Note that the primary reason we recommended for carrying one of these sprays is to mark your dog in the events leading up to a suspected attack/theft and making it undesirable to a thief. Beyond that it would be considered SELF DEFENCE  if used as REASONABLE FORCE against a person to prevent yourself getting hurt,  similar to carrying a heavy torch.  Any other use against a person could be construed as a personal attack.
    • For the Police Response to self defence sprays, read the product details below
  • Lanyard Alarm

    £9.99 inc VAT
    • 143db sounder
    • Pull cord to activate
    • Visible Deterrent
    • Torch
    • (DogHorn Lanyard / Card not included)
  • Anti-Aggressive Dog Spray

    £16.50 inc VAT
    • A highly effective spray to deter aggressive dogs
    • UK legal
    • Instantly subdues aggressive dogs, but does not harm them
    • Contains food grade essential oils that creates a spray around a dogs muzzle
    • Effects wear off after 10 to 20 minutes
    • NOT a pepper spray (which is not legal in UK)
  • Sale!

    Walkies Pack

    £25.00 inc VAT

    IMG_0004 2 Everything for your and your walk buddy to be prepared AND tell others about it. 2 x DogHorn…