Hannah’s Petition

This petition, known as “Hannahs Petition”, is a UK government petition to criminalise dog theft with an eight year prison sentence and a fine of at least £5000.

Why the Petition?

Currently the sentencing for being found guilty of dog theft is set at such a low bar that it is almost negligible, and certainly out of balance with the financial gain that a dog thief can currently make from an inflated dog selling market.

About Hannah, the Creator of the Petition

Hannah lives in Staffordshire with her 2 ½ year old working cocker, Mabel. Hannah has had a love of animals since being a 3 years old and has always been around dogs.  Being a horse lover too she studied Equine Business and Science before becoming a recruitment officer.

Being a member of a number of groups that were all reporting the same rising trend in dog thefts, Hannah started to research the issue and sure enough found the unbelievably low deterrence to dog theft in terms of criminal sentences and fines. She then dedicated her research towards the government lobbying process and succeeded in mid October 2020 to get her petition off the ground after a minor amendment.

Hannah says “A dog being stolen is like a family member being stolen. Its heartbeaking.  If it were a child it would be a different story, but we are told that in the justice system dog theft is treated similarly to someone stealing a bicycle or a bag of sweets.  It’s just wrong” 

Other Key People in this Petition

Dr Daniel Allan (@Dr_Dan_1). Dr Allen is a Director of Geography at Keele University and is probably the foremost campaigner for #PetTheftRefom in the UK. His two previous campaign in 2019 and 2020 succeed in reaching debate in parliament and he is helping promote this current campaign to criminalise dog theft in the UK. See also #FernsLaw and #BanPuppyImports.

The DogHorn team are obviously doing their best to support this petition by gaining new signatures, keeping signatories up to date with progress, sharing what the campaign is about and helping it generally reach its final target of changing the law.

Jane Fallon (@JaneFallon), pet fanatic, fundraiser and author of 10 Sunday Times Top 10 Bestsellers has been providing incredible support through her vast Twitter readership.

What Next?

On May 20th 2021 the petition will close, having reached the end of its six month window. As it has reached 100,000 signatures it will be debated in parliament. MP’s will have to be lobbied (persuaded) to speak up for the cause and from there a motion will hopefully be put to change the law.

Between now and May, the petition should continue to grow and hopefully reach the 200,000 mark. This will present an even stronger public voice when it comes to debate.


Sign the petition here