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Script #1 Written by Nigel King

Dog Thieves Meet Their Match through Local DogHorn Groups 

Local dog walking communities around the country,  concerned about the rise in dog theft, are setting up organisations similar to a neighbourhood watch, but for dogs and their owners. 

Using whistles, having a special code to raise awareness, walking in groups,  and employing tactics not considered before,  their aim is to raise confidence  in fellow dog owners that they can step out safely once again into public places. 

“DogHorn” is the name of the organisation that has captured the attention of the country and spread its advice and safety products far and wide. 

The non – profit campaign was the brainchild of Northumberland dog owner Nigel King after a friend’s young female Springer Spaniel, and trained gun-dog, went missing presumed stolen in Nov 2020. The Campaign has received millions of viewers and participants in the months since its launch in Dec 2020. 

Each Doghorn group identifies itself by its location, eg DogHorn – Eastbourne, and creates a local Facebook group for owners to connect with each other, learn more, receive warnings and find safer ways and places to walk. 

The Campaign has proven so popular that groups have sprung up all over the country, from Devon and Cornwall right up to the Scottish Border and beyond. 

The DogHorn ethos is about teaching dog owners to have more control during or immediately after theft, rather having to leave it to others such as the police, dog wardens or lost/found dog groups to recover a dog, or even worse, getting into dangerous situations with thieves during the point of theft by reacting without care for their own safety. 

DogHorn has a code of practise that uses sound, visibility and teamwork to help prevent theft, thwart an attempted theft and have the possibility of recovering dog in the minutes after a theft. 

The DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign, with its particular whistle and code of action, represents the core of the Campaign. Like the Policeman of yesteryear with his whistle and ability to raise assistance from a single blast and shout “Stop that Thief”, this simple old school method has been developed  into a modern concept that has a universal appeal for dog owners.   

DogHorn’s highly visible and noisy method raises an alarm immediately, without any of the delay that social media or mobile phone calls take. The sound warning can be cascaded within seconds by any other DogHorn responder on a whistle or car horn, pulling in others to help prevent, or recover, a stolen dog. 

As well as providing whistles, the DogHorn Campaign provides access to other self-protection products such as personal alarms, rape alarms, UK legal sprays, steel cabled anti-theft dog leads, posters and advice leaflets. 

DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign packs cost £5 if ordered through their website or DogHorn-Group leader, but are also distributed free under certain circumstances, or for a donation. 

To find out more visit or enter @doghorn into your browser. 

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