View the Official Affiliation Application / Checklist here

View the Affiliation Terms and Conditions here

Any business, group or person is very welcome to help grow the Anti Dog-Theft message and strategies of the DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign (referred to as the “Campaign”). Through this Campaign hundreds of thousands of dog owners can benefit from the knowledge that they are looking after each other and feel safer to walk in public places with their dogs.

The Campaign is ready to spread the anti-theft strategies and advice throughout UK, through Affiliated DogHorn Groups or through DogHorn Agents, with a mixture of free, discounted and fully purchased packs.

There is a distinct difference between a DogHorn Group and DogHorn Agent. A test that is easy to make is to find the population of your current area and then divide it by four. That will be the average number of dogs owners that you will be taking on a responsibility to reach out to. So if a city has a population of 600,000 then there is probably a dog population of at least 150,000. The question is how will you reach that number, in a short period of time, to share the DogHorn advice and products?

  • A DogHorn Affiliated Group:
  • Is generally linked to an established business (pet shop, dog walker, dog training centre etc) with a large membership and public facing connections
  • Has access to volunteers
  • becomes an official facebook group assigned to a geographical location and is given a specific DogHorn identifier (such as DogHorn-Newport or DogHorn-Warwickshire)
  • A DogHorn Affiliated Group will assume the responsibility to reach the many thousands of dog walkers in the selected geographical area through it’s current connections
  • A DogHorn Agent
  • we rely on agents as an essential element of the Campaign to speak to and encourage larger organisation and individuals to participate
  • an agent is a person that has the passion to get “The Word” out but does not necessarily have the current canine connections in the local area that is needed for an Affiliated Group.
  • An agent has the responsibility to reach a whatever dog owners/walkers it can connect with either physically (on beaches / parks etc) or online through current groups and day to day encounters.
  • A DogHorn Agent might choose to approach a larger canine organisation ( such as an established dog training centre, vets) in the area to become a joint DogHorn Affiliated Group

In order to benefit directly from the support and sponsorship of the Campaign, please read the following article;

To set up a GROUP or AGENCY based on the Campaign, it must be obvious to the public that your group is a joint DogHorn/”your group” affiliation. The way you display DogHorn Logos, DogHorn Campaign material, references, endorsement etc of the Campaign must reflect this and the inclusion of any logos / text / comments/ literature of your own must not attempt to diminish the affiliation or its representation. DogHorn will need to endorse any advertising, posters or media prior to going to print. All posters must include the DogHorn QR code.

As Doghorn and the Campaign are not funded by any source other than the income it makes from product sales and the financial support from the founder, the Campaign needs to protect its income, name and reputation from unauthorised use or repetitional damage. Provided you agree to this the Campaign organisation will be behind you all the way to move it forward alongside your own group or business aims.

All the DogHorn material is available here, available for non-profit use.

If in agreement with us, you move forward to become a DogHorn Affiliated Group you will create a facebook page with Doghorn-your name in it. (For example This makes it clear to the public that it is an affiliation between you and the Campaign. You will be encouraged to build your community around our shared aims, with the continual underlying theme of Anti-Dog Theft and the Campaign.

You must not change the Facebook group name without our permission. (This may be in case there is a need to differentiate between two or more groups in the same geographical area.)

The name DOGHORN is a trademark as is the imagery with the thief’s hand in it. You will be granted an automatic licence to use the name for non-profit purposes and to spread the word of the Campaign using a nationally recognised brand and image. If we believe that this trademark is being used unlawfully or for personal gain, we will revoke the permission.

When you are ready, here are some notes on how to set up your own DogHorn Group and get the Campaign working against dog theft in your area:

  1. You can view the Official Affiliation/Agency Application and Checklist here
  2. In preparation it is worth thoroughly reading through this website to understand what the campaign is about in terms of sound, visibility and teamwork. It is a great source of information and advice.
  3. As you work through the checklist you will talk to us and message us. We’ll arrange a time to talk through the process and see if it’s likely to be a fit and a success for you.
  4. In the process its worth ordering key products from the store so you have something to show. The DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign Pack is a great way to get everything you need to start your group for a much reduced price.
  5. Look at how to create a DogHorn WhatsApp group. You may decide this is a good way to communicate quickly with your group.
  6. Get the posters up (print them yourselves or order laminated ones from us). We have made a few designs available in the Resources page
  7. If you continue with us you’ll create a bio on yourself and why you want to join the Campaign. Look to the DogHorn page and see what other joining groups have written.
  8. When you send your Bio in, you will need to include some pictures of yourself and your dog that we can post straight away.
  9. Involve as many dog walkers in your area as possible. The whole aim of the Campaign is to speak to them and encourage them to join the Campaign too and keep the thieves at bay.

View the Official Affiliation Application / Checklist here

View the Affiliation Terms and Conditions here

If you don’t think that an Affiliated Group or Agency is for you, that’s not a problem; it isn’t for everyone. Go back to the Join the Campaign page and find out what else you might want to do. But don’t forget to contact us to arrange a call if you are interested ( its best if you can message us through the DogHorn Page as there are so many emails coming into the campaign every hour that we might miss your email.)