Bearing in mind that Doghorn has no public sponsors, no grant and no income (other than through purchases through the DogHorn Shop and through financial support from its primary sponsor, QuestUAV), it is making good headway in generating funds and awareness to fight the increased dog theft during the current pandemic. Approximately 20% of all Yellow Lanyards distributed by DogHorn are provided by us, for free.

Whilst DogHorn is primarily in the business of anti-dog-theft, part of our remit has always been support other dog organisations and though the Doghorn organisation is young (five months old as of writing this) a small part of each purchase is set aside for gifts donations to the aspects of dog theft prevention and post dog-theft groups or dog rescue centres.

To date the following have been provided / offered or are in process

  • a Trapping cage for the Lost Dog Trapping team (value £1050)
  • 250 dedicated printed lanyards to #pettheftreform (value £200)
  • 5 x 50% Sponsored DogHorn Enterprise pack to DogHorn Groups(value £985)
  • over 100 Yellow Lanyards / Lanyard Packs provided free to the local community (value £250)
  • approximately 200 Lanyard sets provided to the UK community (value £350)

We would like to say thanks to everyone who has participated in the Campaign and provided financial support through buying our products.

DogHorn will continue to care for the dog community at large though DogHorn’s future is very much in the hands of those that support it and its dedicated team of volunteers, managers and directors.

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