We have made it simple to search all the posts in the group using 5 different categories so that you can find out what has been going on in your town, your county, and what kind of activity it is

Is it suspicious activity, attempted thefts, actual thefts or is it reports of recovered dogs?

For example it is possible to find suspicious activity or attempted thefts in Whitley Bay and tell others

Or stolen dogs in Somerset for a local newspaper

Or ALL recovered dogs in Wales for a newsletter.

Note that the police hold much better records than we ever will on stole dogs, but the information is hard to get to, and it won’t include attempted or suspicious activity.

POPULAR TOPICS SEARCH The first kind of search is a fairly generic search that will bring up a lot of relevant posts. See the image below for how it displays. Click on one of the topics to display the list.

USING THE SPYGLASS How to search the post for a category using the spyglass search tool

  1. Click on the Spyglass/Search Tool (beside the shield below and underneath the battery level)

2. Type in the words you want to look for. Here we have typed in “Seaton Sluice”

3. Click search and something like this next image will show all the posts with your search term in it.