When you are ready to apply, please work through the checklist to see if you think you would like to help the campaign and dog owners in your area by creating and a joint DogHorn Facebook Affiliated Group, or by becoming a DogHorn Agent.

The Application and Checklist

Your Name ____________________

Your address ____________________________________________________

Your Postcode _________________________________

Your mobile number ____________________________

Your email ______________________________________

Application Type (Please Circle) Affiliated Group | DogHorn Agent

(We recommend that you print this checklist off and work through it systematically. Strike through the numbers as you complete them.  You will need to send images of it when completed.)

Please be VERY careful about agreeing with us on the RIGHT name for your group if you want to apply for a Facebook DogHorn Group. Don’t go jumping ahead!

  1. I have read through this document and decided that there might be a good opportunity with/through DogHorn to help reduce dog theft in my area.   
  2. I understand that this is a non-profit campaign, and whilst the campaign may increase the footprint or awareness of my business, I agree that all donations and proceeds of sales will go back to the DogHorn and the Campaign. However, I understand that I will be able to cover my own costs in of purchasing Campaign Packs and Enterprise Packs from the proceeds of sales or donations. 
  3. I have thoroughly read through the DogHorn.UK website and understand what the Campaign is about in terms of sound, visibility and teamwork. 
  4. I have looked at the DogHorn Facebook page for examples of others who have joined as affiliates and seen how it has been presented with regards to the contents of their bio/text and pictures.  (DogHorn admin can help with this.)
  5. I have contacted DogHorn admin through the DogHorn Facebook page messenger (ie sent a message through the DogHorn Page) to show my interest 
  6. I have read the DogHorn Affiliate/Agent Group Terms and Conditions here
  7. I understand that I must not create a Facebook DogHorn-myzonename group until I have discussed it with DogHorn admin and it has been agreed in writing or by text.
  8. I already have an established dog-related business working within the local area.  
  9. That dog business is called ______________________________________
  10. Its web/Facebook links are ________________________________________ 
  11. I have a good sized group of dog-owner contacts that already know me, physically (in person) and on social media, in my local area (Facebook, Instagram etc) and will most likely be interested in engaging in a DogHorn Campaign in my local area.  
  12. I will easily be able to create a volunteer’s group that will help put the Yellow Lanyards together and quickly spread the word of the campaign throughout the whole of my town/area.    
  13. I have made the phonecall(s) to DogHorn admin to discuss my affiliation/agent role, and we have agreed to proceed (or not proceed).

If there is an agreement with DogHorn admin to proceed with the affiliation/agent role then please continue:

  1. I have written my bio for the DogHorn Page and submitted it to DogHorn via email (doghorngroup@gmail.com), and also sent a MESSAGE to DogHorn saying that I have done it. 
  2. I have sent relevant pictures of me, my dogs and my surroundings that will help Facebook readers “put a face to the name”
  3. Affiliated Group Application Only …….The Facebook name agreed to be created is www.facebook.com/doghorn- ____________
  4. I have purchased a  DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign / Distributor Pack from the DogHorn store and I have a plan as to how to disseminate the Yellow Lanyard Packs in the forthcoming days and weeks. (We can help you with this if necessary) 
  5. I understand that having purchased a Campaign / Distributor Pack I will be able to purchase sponsored Enterprise Packs at any time afterwards (Enterprise packs each contain 100 lanyard sets, and 50% of the cost of the pack is paid upfront and 50% is paid once half are sold. This 50/50 Enterprise Pack is password protected items in the online store and only available to DogHorn Affiliate Groups and Agents).  
  6. I will have volunteers that are willing to assemble and distribute Lanyards to dog owners in my local area and collect donations towards the campaign. 
  7. Affiliated Group Application Only …….I have created the agreed Facebook group and informed DogHorn admin
  8. Affiliated Group Application Only …….I have populated the Facebook group with the DogHorn Logo as a profile picture (available to download from the www.doghorn.uk/resources page) and shared some posts from the DogHorn Page to start my group off. 
  9. I have sent a picture of my completed checklist to doghorngroup@gmail.com.
  10. Finally I agree to abide by DogHorn’s terms and conditions.

Signed _________________________________________

Date _____________________

With that checklist complete and signed you should be all ready to go!   

Good luck.  If you have any questions then please contact us. (The best way is via messenger). 



The DogHorn Campaign