The DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign Community Investment Company

The DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign (DHYLC)

The DogHorn Campaign that started in Nov 2020 is now reaching a level of maturity where it is likely to succeed with many of its objectives as a result of significant private investment, careful management and the input of many hour’s work by its volunteers.

Out of the DogHorn Campaign has sprung the “DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign.”  This is the movement to get a large number of Whistle/Lanyards into the public areas around UK as a dog theft deterrent, combining the use of the whistle with a number of strategies to call on the assistance of other lanyard wearers.

It is clear that this DHLYC campaign will become a major piece of work that is reliant on the unpaid input of many people and organisations, so DogHorn is now amassing all the work of the DHYLC campaign and placing it into a social enterprise known as a CIC (Community Investment Company).  

A CIC is a legal, incorporated body, limited by guarantee, and registered at Companies House. A CIC sits between that of a private Ltd business and a charity.  It has more freedom than a charity, but is regulated as a financially visible organisation with socially beneficial aims rather than solely for profit generation for its shareholders. If dissolved its assets cannot be given to anyone; they must be given to another CIC or Charity. A CIC has a properly formed board, trustees, board meetings, an AGM and publicly visible finances. 

So this CIC will be named the DogHorn Yellow Lanyard Campaign CIC (DHLYC CIC for short …  or long   ….  sorry)

The work of this CIC includes:

  1. The work of the local doghorn volunteers involved in packing lanyards
  2. The historical work of the doghorn volunteers involved in packing lanyards
  3. All donations made through the DogHorn portal
  4. Profits from all the sales of DogHorn Lanyards
  5. All the future work to distribute DHYLC lanyards, Campaign Starter Packs, Campaign Enterprise Packs to the many DogHorn communities springing up around the country.

In order to achieve its goals, the DHLYC CIC will be fully reliant on financial income and goods generated (1) through public donation, (2) from the original DogHorn Campaign and (3) mostly from the original private investor.   The campaign deficit currently runs at over £10k, supported wholly by our private investor.  To date no other public sponsorship or investment has helped this campaign other than a donation of 750 lanyards and holders from Lanyards (worth approx £250). 

As a reminder, the first aim of the CIC is to distribute 50,000 lanyards / lanyard packs (and the strategies accompanying the packs, eg the PAWS code) to dog owners in the UK. 

On a long term view there is a firm belief that the urgency and importance of the DHLYC as an anti-dog theft charity will diminish over time.  However, in its place will come the need to support dog rescue centres and our proposal is to include this as a secondary aim of the DHLYC CIC.

Thankfully a CIC is less tightly regulate than a Charity, so we will be able to do all this and accommodate other dog related needs. 

The DHLYC CIC is currently being setup and should be operational by the end of February 2021

A special mention needs to go to Geoff Smith of, the DogHorn website creator and person who has spent hundreds of hours helping get the DogHorn campaign off the ground.  Geoff is board member of a CIC in Whitley Bay and has helped with the rigours of this application. 

To understand more about a CIC see: