1. Do all of the actions above. Use the whistle and do the PAWS code to raise more help
  2. Image / video the area using a mobile phone (whole area / car parks etc)
  3. Activate a siren / rape alarm
  4. Engage other members of the public to help assist
  5. Call a prearranged whattsapp or text group to gather assistance
  6. Practice the tactical defence procedure – challenge, lead, spray, alarm
  7. As A Responder / Witness, What Can You Do?

If you think about it, YOU are more likely to be a WITNESS to a dog theft (or the period just after a dog theft), than to experience one yourself. You can therefore be ready to help others, in the hope that they would help you too.

A Responder / Witness has exactly the same tactical options as the Victim has, in that the training, the equipment and the clothing are all the same, but there area few differences;

  1. The responder / witness might be in a place that is closer to the thief, or even ahead of the thief’s escape.
  2. The Responder / Witness might be stronger / more physically able to intervene.
  3. Not suffering from shock or incapacitation the Responder / Witness might be more clear thinking.
  4. The Responder / Witness might have the right anti-theft equipment to hand, including a mobile phone.
  5. The Responder / Witness might also be close to their car and able to engage mobile tactics.

  1. Raise the sound alarm (eg The DogHorn Alarm) on anything possible (Whistle, shouting, car horn, Rape Alarm)
  2. Video a thief or their vehicle. GET A VEHICLE DESCRIPTION AND NUMBER
  3. Slow dow a thief with “Is that your dog?, What is its name etc”
  4. Conduct any of the tactics below called “Raising the Game”

As A Responder, Raising the Game

Hopefully a Responder / Witness will have the right anti-theft equipment to hand.

  1. Challenge the thief with Ready Spray, from a safe distance. Shout “LET THE DOG GO!”
  2. Be prepared to spray the thief or the dog, but have an escape route if the thief (or assistant) becomes aggressive
  3. It is also possible to spray the thieves vehicle. The windscreen, door handles and rear doors are good zones.
  4. If the thieves have got away, stop another road user and request them to “Follow that dog thief and blow your horn at it”
  5. Get in a car and follow the thieves yourself, if possible with someone else who can video / make a call to the police. (see “Covert” and “Active” following below)

Slow dow a thief with “Is that your dogs, What is its name etc”