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  • DogHorn High Viz Multi Pocket Vest

    £19.95 inc VAT

    Zipper, multi pocket vest only (Lanyard / handheld products not included)

    Sizes: XS 41″, S 43″, M47″, L 50″, XL 54″, 2XL 56″

    Please measure yourself!! Size is measured as the largest measurement around your body (Chest / Waist / Hips) and over the clothes you will wear underneath the vest.

    High Viz needs to be a little loose rather than tight.

    Please order in measured inches rather than your typical size (ie S, M, L etc).

    Our suppliers’ S, M, L etc categories vary in actual size, so we will ensure that you receive a vest size measured in the inches that you have chosen but not necessarily the “size” (e.g. S, M, L, etc). You will not receive a garment smaller than the size in inches that you have selected.


  • DogHorn High Viz Jacket

    £29.99 inc VAT
    • High Viz Jacket
    • Ideal, Easy Access Pocket for holding Red Spray and Personal Attack Alarm
    • Separate Pocket for Poo Bags / Treats
    • Inner pockets for phone, keys etc
    • Large DogHorn Logo Back and Front