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If you already have a large dog community that you are connected with and would like to form a DogHorn Facebook Group for your local area where you can spread the word about the DogHorn anti theft advice, get the DogHorn Yellow Lanyards Campaign thriving, and help with getting donations back to the Campaign to build it further, then check the page here. If you want to do some thing smaller, then you can simply direct people to our Store or our Tactics page or you can simply buy a Campaign Pack and distribute lanyards yourself.

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  1. To have 50,000 DogHorn responders, with Lanyards across UK by the end of 2021. Help us by spreading the word and getting others to join the campaign.
  2. To bring the confidence back to dog walkers that, if better prepared and part of a larger dog team, then it is safer to walk in public.
  3. To provide training, education and theft prevention advice directly on this site, and improve understanding through online DogHorn training sessions.
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